Below is a list of known issues noticed by EnergyCAP users. Some of them will be fixed; others will be superseded by later development. We'll do our best to be clear about communicating issues and the plan for their future fixes, both here and in the Forums.

EnergyCAP 7 - beta16

  • Accounts
    • ISSUE: In the Account bill list, the "Use" column showing total use for a bill is not one of the available columns.
      • This is actually by design. Since we could have multiple meters and multiple commodities for an account, this Use value would have to be rolled up to a common or global unit of measure. As such, we have omitted it from the Account bill list. However, the Meter bill list does have a Use column which shows this value.
  • Vendors & Rates
    • ISSUE: Option to view Vendors tree by Commodity is unavailable due to a bug with the "view switcher".
      • This will soon be resolved by future development which will redo the way this and other trees work in the UI.