EnergyCAP has literally hundreds of reports to present the data that you've so carefully tracked, and we've had many requests for help sorting through the enormous stack of possibilities. In this short article, I'd like to present two solutions for your consideration when trying to decide how to get your data out of EnergyCAP. Each solution depends on answer to this question: What problem are you trying to solve? Do you need a great-looking, formatted summary of data for reporting purposes, or are there holes in your data that you want to discover and fix?

I need a formatted report

Our conventional reports are in a "prepackaged" format and have tables, charts, and graphs. They can be exported to a number of formats such as Excel and PDF. And as I mentioned above, there are a lot of them. In Spring 2017 we released a new tool, the "EnergyCAP Report Library", which presents a catalog of our reports in such a way which (we hope!) makes it easier to find reports by category, by special topic, and more. There is also search functionality built into the catalog. Eventually, the hope is that this "search for a report" functionality will built into EnergyCAP 7 so you don't have to leave the app.

If your problem is finding a prepackaged report which highlights a specific metric or two, I recommend using the Report Library to find of one our prepackaged reports. However, if you want to find and fix data in one shot, I recommend reading on. 

I need to find and fix data

Another problem some of our clients have is holey data. Let's suppose you forgot to set Primary Uses for your Buildings. You could easily generate a report such as SU05 to display the buildings; however, you'd have to fix them one by one, continually referring back to that report. Here's an alternative: try using our Setup Spreadsheets. When you generate an Update sheet for Buildings and Organizations, within Excel you'll be able to quickly scan and filter to the items that are missing values. Better still, once you find the missing data, you can populate it there in the spreadsheet and then import it, finding and fixing the data holes in one fell swoop.

We know that there are a whole host of reasons why you might be searching for reports, and we want to know about them! If a report or setup sheet is working really well for your purposes, why not share your knowledge in the Tips and Tricks forum? Someone else might benefit from your skills and experience. And as always, don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.