There are two ways you can share dashboards in EnergyCAP 7: sharing the dashboard and embedding the dashboard. To use either method, you need to edit your dashboard, which you can do by going to the Dashboards module and clicking the "My Dashboards" option in the menu. Next, click the edit button next to the Dashboard you want to share or embed. You should see two checkboxes: "share with others" and "public". 

Sharing a Dashboard

When you check "share with others" and save the dashboard, then it will become visible to all other EnergyCAP users when they visit the Dashboard module, under the menu option called "Dashboards Shared with Me". Only you can edit your dashboard; other users cannot. They can only view it. Shared dashboards are only visible to users with an EnergyCAP login.

Embedding a Dashboard

When you check "public" and save the dashboard, then it may be embedded in websites outside EnergyCAP. Viewing an embedded public dashboard does not require an EnergyCAP login. For more direction on how to embed a dashboard, please refer to the help topic for embedded dashboards.