For our past two annual software training conferences for EnergyCAP users, we have been offering BETA access to the still-incomplete EnergyCAP 7. Any client whose data is hosted by EnergyCAP, Inc is eligible for BETA access. The advantages to you and us are as follows:

  1. EnergyCAP 7 is generally faster and better-looking than previous versions of EnergyCAP. 
  2. EnergyCAP 7 provides features which are unavailable in any previous versions of EnergyCAP including creation of flexible, embeddable Dashboards and new, improved Benchmarking charts for Buildings and Meters.
  3. Unlike prior versions, EnergyCAP 7 supports deep linking to most of the possible screens including individual Bills, Buildings, Meters, Accounts and many other entities.
  4. Having early access to EnergyCAP 7 allows you to provide timely feedback on features under construction and it allows us to incorporate the feedback you provide.
  5. There is no risk involved in corrupting data or leaving prior versions behind. You can use EnergyCAP 3 and 7 simultaneously.
  6. EnergyCAP 7 is the future of our software, so why not get gradually familiar with it?

Here's how the BETA program works: if you're a hosted EnergyCAP client, then simply contact Customer Service and indicate your desire to have your organization enrolled for the EnergyCAP 7 BETA program. Please include the URL that you use to access EnergyCAP (e.g. and the name of your datasource. If you don't know either of these, just provide your organization name. 

After we receive your request to have BETA access turned on, we will "flip a switch" to turn you on. This switch can easily be turned off! The next time you log into EnergyCAP, you will notice a new link displayed in the right-hand side of the blue bar:

When "Click to view in v4 Beta!" is clicked, you will automatically be redirected to EnergyCAP 7 BETA in a new tab. EnergyCAP 7 already "knows" that you are logged in, so you will not have to provide your username and password. It also recognizes your location from EnergyCAP 3, so you will be taken to the same Building, Meter, or equivalent location in EnergyCAP 7:

At this point, you're all done and we encourage you to begin exploring EnergyCAP 7 BETA! If you have feedback for us, we want to hear from you via the EnergyCAP user forums. Do you have questions? We recommend taking a look at the Frequently Asked Questions.