Adjusted Use in Interval Readings--What to do when meters fail or are reset

I agree with the poster who created the item called Gaps in Interval Data, however, I think there might be a more elegant solution based on a former system Cleveland State used.  Our former system for tracking utility data, which was developed in Microsoft Access, kept careful track of all meter readings.  However, all of us know that the difference between two meter readings does not always perfectly calculate consumption.  Meters fail, jump, time-out, create bad readings, get reset or switched out.  An elegant way to deal with all of these is to create at a field tied to each calculated consumption (use) field, called adjusted use (or adjusted consumption).  This would allow the EnergyCAP user to override the use data for internal meters, when the use data calculated by subtracting one reading from another is incorrect. All meter problems could be easily dealt with by this one change.  (This could also deal with multiplier problems, but I am not going into that now for sake of simplicity),  While it does create another field in the system, it is much simpler from a data base perspective than assigning new timelines to interval data on meters, or turning certain readings on or off.  I feel at the end of the day, it is also simpler for the user.  I hope I have been clear, but if I have not, I would be happy to provide examples or answer questions.


Jeremy Johnston

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