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Contact Field in PLACE properties

We rely heavily on the Contact field within the Place properties in the installed ECE version currently in use.  We request that this field be added to v7.  The option/suggestion to create Custom Fields in v7 to replace the information currently & easily available in the Contact area of Place properties is extremely cumbersome. 

Hi Bonnie,

Thanks for the feature request. You're not the only one that has an extensive library of Contacts built up using version 6, not just in the Place Properties but also in Report Distribution lists. While I can't give you a timeframe for new development in EnergyCAP 7 related to Contacts (yet!), I invite any other users who use Contacts to weigh in on Bonnie's request.

Yes, this would be useful.  The way we're set up, we have different contacts for accounts (the people who pay the bills) and buildings (building managers).  And we have many agencies paying bills (very decentralized) and many different agencies owning buildings, each with many building managers (also very decentralized).  But we have a central office trying to oversee energy management.

For what it's worth, meters becomes a common connector.  I.e., meter identities are usually on bills and meters are connected to buildings so this allows us to get the bill payers and building managers to connect an account to a building, which is critical for us to get building specific use and cost information, at least where accounts and buildings are in a 1-to-1 relationship. To know the finance and facility contacts allows us to make these connections and resolve issues.

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