Normalization off of Building Locations

 I would like to request an enhancement for the version 7 software - to be able to have normalization based off of building locations.

Currently the buildings that IMPACT has inside of ENERGYCAP is in 7 different locations.  The current software only allows normalization of weather for all buildings and organization.  It does allow to set different normalization for each different building location.  This would allow more accurate information.

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Melissa - Thanks for submitting a suggestion. 

To be clear, are you looking to select different Normalization dates for different buildings? Is there a different setting you were considering that would change from building to building?

Currently, the Normalization function for each building does look at the local weather at each building to perform a custom Normalization calculation at each building individually. No special "per building" setting is required to get customized results -- you just want to make sure that the weather station for each building is set properly.

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