Display weather data on charts

We've been getting some requests to see weather data in EnergyCAP 7. We're always downloading up-to-date weather data (Mean Daily Temperature), but to date, it's really only been used in the Cost Avoidance feature. Where else would you like to see weather data in the app?

  • Chart local monthly average weather (or CDD HDD) on a dashboard chart in V7
  • Graph outside air weather data plotted with consumption and demand, monthly

Just wanted to weigh in on this feature request - we recently experimented with adding weather data (specifically adding Mean Daily Temperature) to some of our PowerView charts, and a dashboard widget showing weather was also brought up. 

Please feel free to upvote/comment on this feature!

Hi Dawn,

There is no way to chart local monthly weather, CDD, or HDD at the current time in v7. Can you describe more about how you would use a dashboard chart like that? Sounds like an intriguing feature request!



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