Automatic Submissions to Portfolio Manager

Our agency would benefit from having our monthly bill data sent to Portfolio Manager automatically, instead of having to rely on manual intervention.

There is currently a section in EnergyCAP v3 titled "Automatic Submissions" with a checkbox for "Enable automatic ENERGY STAR Submissions."

This functionality is not automatic or automated at all in v3.

We would like to see this working in v7.

Olivia - Thanks for the feedback! We'll take this into consideration as we migrate the ENERGY STAR submission process into EnergyCAP Version 7 later this year.

Hi David,

Is there any progress on this?

Olivia - We are currently designing the ENERGY STAR features for Version 7. We've been discussing an automated process that happens a few times per year instead of monthly (to help avoid issues with corrections or late bills that may skew numbers if they haven't yet been processed). Would something like this be helpful in your situation?

Hi David,

Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure that reducing the frequency of the data transfer to Portfolio Manager consistently achieves the goal of sending only corrected data over. What might make more sense is sending the data monthly, but doing so with a delay (such as 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days). Ideally the customer could select the delay.

We would like to learn more about what your plans are.


When will Estar be back up for k-12?

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