Audit Groups not displayed in Version 7

Our company uses EnergyCap Enterprise to enter bills, but the online version to audit our batches. I noticed that feature is not in Version 7. Is there a timeline that we can expect to see that?

Auditing our batches is a critical piece to our billing process as we are able to identify locations with possible gas/water leaks as well as billing issues and take necessary steps to get these issues resolved.

Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks.

Hello Jennifer,

You're correct that we don't have Audits in EnergyCAP 7 yet. The overall timeline for all EnergyCAP 3 functionality to be in version 7 is September 2018 in time for our annual Catalyst conference. Audits are getting special treatment because we're trying to redesign the process to manage and resolve audit problems, but the Development team will be discussing the architecture for bringing Audits over within the next 2 weeks, so we'll be breaking ground on that, soon. Any feedback related to this is appreciated!

In the meantime, you'll still be able to use EnergyCAP 3 for all your audit-related functions.

Does that help? Please let me know.



Hi Jennifer,

Just an update for you on Audits. While we didn't get it into EnergyCAP 7.2.0 in time for Catalyst, we did finish the Groups module so you are now able to manage your Building and Meter Groups in EnergyCAP 7. Audits is the next feature in the pipeline, and we've already finished most of the Audit-related APIs, so expect to see updates related to Audits soon, and please feel free to post any feedback you may have related to Audits so we can consider your input.

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