Map dashboard for meters

[Edits to original request by Kurt Kroeker] Since it was mentioned elsewhere, I'm going to make this a separate feature request. The new feature here is to be able to show Meters on a map dashboard, being able to filter by Meter Group and other criteria TBD.

[Kurt:] My questions to you readers:
  • What kinds of data would you be interested in seeing when you click on a Meter? Last reading, usage trend, etc.?
  • How would you be interested in filtering the Meters on the Map Dashboard? I imagine Topmost Place, Meter Group (already mentioned), perhaps Commodity?

Hi Kurt.  First time posting in Forum.  We are very much interested in this feature.  So we would like to see meters, may be different symbol for gas, electric and water (ECAP already have that).  We can zoom in click on the meter look at graphical trend if there is an anomaly click at the location or somewhere to see actual data and notes we might have created to log expected usage change. 



Jean-René and Munawar - Thanks for the suggestions and feedback!

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