Custom GHG Factors/Carbon coefficients

In future versions of energy cap will it be possible to set custom carbon coefficients for my different utilities?  

I responded to Harris that this is a feature that the database and older versions of EnergyCAP (the installed Windows client) support. It is on the product roadmap for EnergyCAP 7, but the more foundational features (bill entry, etc.) are being developed first.

I encourage any readers of this ticket to show their support! Would your organization use custom factors to tailor your GHG reporting?

Being able to input and then modify GHG factors would be a huge help. GHG factors are initially set two years after the subject year (i.e. 2015 factors came out in April 2017), but these can change as new data becomes available. For the purpose of reporting, it is important that we be able to enter an estimated factor in January 2018, but then have the option of updating that factor at a future date as more data becomes available. Overwriting factors through the current ECE module is not realistic or time-friendly.

Additionally, custom factors are important where unconventional energy sources are used, (i.e. district heating and cooling). These factors do not conform to the traditional rules, and may differ from one organization to another.


Absolut2ely!  Purchased steam and chilled water provide almost all heating and cooling on one of our campuses.  Without being able to account for the greenhouse gas emissions from them, this feature is basucally useless to us.


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