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Meter Notes & Lat/Lon Coordinates

ECO doesn't have a good way of capturing meter notes like what equipment is on the meter, contract capacities with the utility company, expected max/min consumption, etc.

We've been squeezing information into the address field, but that's limited space and it causes problems with your address lookup maps.  The work-around is to put the information in Issue Tracker or personal files. Neither is particularly easy to access for multiple users.

Related issue (for us) is that we stored LAT/LON coordinates in the address field because that shows on the main page - as a way to tell us if we've field-verified the meter.  Unfortunately, the map hyperlink isn't compatible with anything but a street address even if you have an entry in the LAT/LON fields.

Knowing that buildings and meters are often located off the driveway entrance, my preference would be for maps to use LAT/LON as primary instruction, and use address field as the alternate.

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Hi James,

Thanks for your feature request! You're right that we don't have a "meter memo" per se, at least not a free-form area where you can put text. However, we do have Custom Fields (formerly called User-Defined Fields or "UDFs") for Meters where you can add as many additional bits of data about the Meter that you want to. 

Given your examples like Equipment, Expected Min Consumption, etc...If I were you, I'd experiment with creating some Custom Fields for these values. You can find the manager for Custom Fields at Administration > Custom Fields/User Defined Fields within the app. Once you set the fields up, you can populate them with data and then create some User-Defined AutoGroups based on the fields...that might allow for some pretty nifty reporting since you could filter Meter reports by Expected Max Consumption or whatever else you want to track using Custom Fields.



Re: latitude and longitude...Let me start by remarking that in EnergyCAP 7 we have added latitude/longitude fields next to the address when you edit a Meter or Building (see screenshot). This is how we recommend tracking latitude/longitude going forward! Please note that these are *different* from the lat/lon fields that you could enter for a Meter using EnergyCAP Enterprise (if you're an ECE user)!

You are correct that the map link only goes off of the street address, so that's a good feature request. Another place where we use lat/lon is the Map Dashboard: if you have them populated for a Building, lat/lon will take precedence over the street address when plotting it. Are you interested in plotting Meters on a Map Dashboard? We currently support only plotting Buildings.


We are interested in seeing meters on a map.  A large park or campus could have multiple meters, so lat/lon is more applicable than an address.  Using lat/lon allows us to see them geographically to coordinate work with operational personnel.  Unfortunately, the fields are inside the edit tab so it's extra clicks for us to know if a meter has been field verified.

Thanks, James. Good to know about real life applications for mapping Meters. I took a look myself, and you're right...we don't show lat/lon on Meter Properties.

Agreed on meter notes. Would also like to see notes at the building level. For universities we run into renovations, expansions, etc and knowing that building history is beneficial. On the meter level it is good to know for reasons of service size changes, capacity changes, meter modifications and types, reasons for change, testing, pressure changes for gas, line size changes for water or otherwise. Account level notes are good but when they can be applied to the "asset" if you will that is beneficial.

Thanks for the feedback, Keith, and thanks for upvoting this feature. We're already starting to discuss this feature internally now that you and others are showing your support. Please keep it up!

Keith, James, and other readers, I have created a separate Feature Request for the Meter Dashboard feature, and I invite you to comment and leave additional feedback and ideas there. I could see Meter Notes showing up there when you click a Meter!

Update for those of you following this thread: with 7.0.5 being released, we now display latitude and longitude on Building and Meter properties as part of the address display. Additionally, if you click lat/lon, we will use them to plot the object on Google Maps. This isn't a Meter map within EnergyCAP yet, but it may help with some of your use cases!

We have successfully created Custom Fields for meters and accounts.  The two major electric distribution companies in Connecticut use a unique number to define a meter plug; i.e., whether or not a physical meter is installed, this number represents a non-changing code for the meter location.  Since the physical meter may, and does, change such that the meter serial number changes, the meter plug number does not.  We've also added a Meter History field into which we place notes about the meter; e.g., when a physical meter (meter serial number) is changed.  We have other Custom Fields for meters and accounts as well and find Custom Fields very useful.

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