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Select commodities in Building Rollup

When I select a building or organization node, I would like to be able to select the commodities I want to have rolled up in the displayed charts.  If I choose more than one commodity, then change the units to global units (kBTU).  

Hi Mark,

Thanks for submitting your feature request. Which charts in Buildings and Meters are you referring to? The Actual Data > Summary charts or pretty much all of them?


I am not sure which sub tab makes the most sense--summary or commodity for example--but when one or more commodities is selected we would like to see rolled up data for the selected node in global units.  It should apply to all charts on the page.  When writing custom reports, it is helpful to be able to click on a node, select the commodities included in the report and see rolled up global usage for validation purposes.  If this was available it would likely also eliminate the need for some custom reports.  A snapshot of the commodity normalized data page is below with multiple commodities highlighted.  A CTRL click functionality to select more than one commodity or something similar would be ideal.  Units would have to change to global units.


Hi Mark,

Sorry I never responded to your post; thanks for the additional information. I'll update this post if this request goes under consideration. In the meantime, I recommend taking a look around the other feature requests and weighing in if any interest you. 



Hello Mark,

I wanted to make you aware of some developments since your feature request last September. We've released some new Dashboard widgets and enhanced some existing ones so that it's possible to show normalized global use in a number of different data displays. Couple that with our new "Global Dashboard Filters" feature which allows you to filter all Dashboard widgets at once by Topmost Place or Building Group, and you have a view very similar to the one you were requesting:

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