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Commodity filter for Cost Avoidance Trend widget

From one of our users:

"I created a new dashboard and created a Cost Avoidance Trend line graph for OSU-Stillwater. Worked great! Except, we do not report water or sewer savings. We track it for energy management purposes, but it is not reported to administration. I would love this dashboard to reflect what is reported to administration. A commodity filter which includes "not one of" as a selection would be perfect! This new tool is amazing! Thank you for all your hard work."

The available filters for many of our dashboard widgets are limited, but this was purposely done because we didn't 'know what users might want! If you want to have additional filters for dashboard widgets, please let us know which ones you want, and for which widgets.

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UPDATE: Feature request has been marked as "Planned"!

The user who submitted this feature request is not yet registered for the EnergyCAP forum, but I wanted to let all readers know that we know the Dashboard filters are pretty spare and we'll be adding some to the next sprint.

For now, here are the proposed changes. Feel free to suggest more ASAP and they just might make it into beta17!

Cost Avoidance Trend Widget

  • Add commodity filter with "not one of" and other operators

Here's are some more filter requests from other users:

Last 7 Day Bill Processing Widget

  • Would like a "Topmost Place" filter on the "Bill Processing" -> "Bills Created in the Last 7 Days" widget on dashboard.
  • Suggest that the number of days "Bills Created in the Last [7] Days" be variable, rather than set at 7 days.

Bills Currently Held from Export
  • Would like "Topmost Place" Filter for "Bills Currently Held From Export" in "Bill Processing" Widget on Dashboard.

Update on this feature request. With the upcoming release of EnergyCAP 7.2.0, we will release the following relevant changes:

  • Building Group and Topmost Place filters have been added for all Dashboard widgets other than the Overdue Bills, Interval Data, and Text, HTML, and Images widget

Still to do:

  • Bills Created in the Last 7 Days - Make "number of days" configurableCost Avoidance Trend -
  • Add commodity filter with "not one of", other filter options

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