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Feature Requests - Welcome

Welcome to the EnergyCAP forum for feature requests! We at EnergyCAP, Inc. are excited to hear what kinds of features would be valuable to you and your organization and to get your feedback--positive or negative--on upcoming items in the development roadmap.

Here's some additional context to think about as you consider the various feature requests in play. Our major development objective as of August 23, 2017 is the completion of EnergyCAP 7 by the end of 2017. With the recent announcement from Adobe regarding the end-of-life for Flash, this objective is paramount, since EnergyCAP Online 3.6.0 and prior versions were all created around Flash. By contrast, EnergyCAP 4 is built using modern web technologies including up-to-date specs for HTML and JavaScript as well as frameworks such as Angular 4 by Google. Finishing EnergyCAP 7 will ensure the long-term compatibility of EnergyCAP with the web.

In light of the above, we first encourage you to get access to EnergyCAP 7 BETA. If your data is hosted by EnergyCAP, Inc., then you are eligible to access the latest functionality in BETA; it only takes a quick email or phone call to our Customer Support team. Click here for more details on getting BETA turned on.

Once you have access to BETA, you will soon notice that there are big changes coming with the release of EnergyCAP 7. There are changes to how the application is organized, the "chrome" of the User Interface (UI) is completely different, and information that you expected to be in a certain place may have been relocated or joined by other useful data. While our User Experience team is doing their best to make EnergyCAP 7 the friendliest version yet, it's feedback from users like you which tells us if the decisions and designs we've made are good or bad.

One final note: The purpose of this forum does not include submission of possible bugs in EnergyCAP software. If you believe that you have encountered a bug, we refer you to our regular Customer Service channels

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Please allow search by Serial Number (Meter Number). We don't always have all the information for a particular location so it would be nice if we could get the meter # from the field, come into EnergyCAP, search the meter # and get the account information that way.


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In ECAP Version 7 we need Cost Avoidance with the ability to assign a weather station and import weather by data set; just like in the Enterprise version.  We would also like the ability to calculate savings as it is done in Enterprise. 

A drop down entry by Customer when logging into ECAP Version 7, (like in Enterprise) would be extremely beneficial.  All of the additional features are great, but we need some of the basic features from the earlier versions of ECAP Enterprise.  We also have ECAP on-line, but often default to ECAP Enterprise for various functionality. 

Thank You

Donna Wicks

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